What Is Black Dog Web Design?

We are a small business website development business. While large businesses are the holy grail most web developers, we don’t normally accept these types of projects. We’re different. We like to offer clients a more personal web development experience. We want them to know that we will be there for them for the long haul. We don’t take your money, upload a website and disappear. We’ll be here when you have a problem, want changes or just have a question. And, we’re not automatically on the time clock when you call. It doesn’t cost us anything to talk to you so whey would we charge you?

The reason behind creating this website is, obviously, to let our customers, and potential customers, learn a little bit more about what we do here at Black Dog Web Design. We want your business but we may also editorialize a bit about what is of interest to us as small business owners, and hopefully, to you as well. I will try to organize the articles in such a way that visitors can find what they want to know without having to wade through something that is of no interest to them.

And why “Black Dog”? Because my wife and I have one and she is about the greatest dog we have ever had. She’s beenĀ  with us alost 24/7 ever since we got her as a puppy and is usually right with us.

If anyone has any questions for us, whether related to website design elements, SEO considerations or anything else web-related, by all means let us know.